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Happy October all

As always, I am wishing that you, your families and friends are all healthy and doing well during these distressing Coronavirus / COVID-19 times.  Those following this blog will surely notice the somber tone as we give monthly COVID updates.  We do not do this to stress and depress… we do it as an ongoing reminder that this global pandemic is a serious health concern and one that must be taken very seriously.

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Coronavirus / COVID-19 Stats as of October 09, 2020:

Total DeathsTotal CasesDaily DeathsNew Cases
World Wide  1.08 Million   38 Million   6,339       350,000
USA216,0007.9 Million  99445,000

The USA has 4% of the world’s population, yet accounts for 20% of total Coronavirus cases. This pandemic is not over.  Please… be safe.  During these trying times, mental and physical health is of the upmost importance.  Autumn brings with it so much beauty. Please continue to enjoy the outdoors safely following COVID-19 guidelines.


Election Day is Close.  Register.  Vote.  Vote Like It Matters!

As a small business owner, I’ve been told on more than one occassion by business consultants, and tourism-specific business consultants… NEVER mix business with politics.  I agree.  In the spirit of this, I would never tell you who to vote for.  Nor, will I divulge who I will be voting for.  What I can share is that I will be NOT be voting for the candidate that has ignored and downplayed a global pandemic leading to 216,000 American deaths, has led the USA to its worse economic decline in decades, has evaded paying taxes, has abused women, kept children in cages, praised white supremacists and neo-Nazis and has spread hate throughout the country. Nor, will I be voting for the party that supports all this and is thus 100% complicit.  For me personally, I will vote for the one and only party and candidate that care for and believe in and fight for:

– Scientific approach to tackling a global pandemic
– Immigrant rights, women’s rights, BLM, and ALL Human Rights,
– Affordable medical care for all,
– Climate Action for a healthier planet

Check your registration.    Register to Vote

SEE: for:  Everything you need to Vote

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Due to COVID-19, all 2020 tours were cancelled. We remain hopeful for a return to responsible adventure travel in 2021. Until then…

Be Healthy  

Be Kind

Dream Now 

Travel Later


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