Tap into your inner Viking…

Culinary treats and flowing wine…

Did we mention the wine?

silver statue of Icelandic viking

9 Days | $2,195 | Hiking, Glacier Trekking | Moderate

Iceland Ring Road Adventure

Welcome to the world’s hottest travel destination! Welcome to Iceland, the land of fire and ice.  Experience stunning natural beauty, waterfalls, geysers, volcanoes, black sand beaches, natural hot baths, and so much more. Come to know Norse mythology, culinary treasures, and friendly, welcoming people.

8 Days | $3,395 | Walking & Hiking | Moderate

Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

Windswept shores, soaring cliffs, colorful pubs, and friendly people.. welcome to Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way!   The Wild Atlantic Way stretches 1600 miles from Donegal all the way down to Cork.  Have a fun adventure as we hike, bicycle and kayak through the best sections.

colorful ceramic sardines in Portugal

10 Days | $3,595 | Multisport | Moderate

Portugal Uncovered

UNESCO cities, wine regions, national parks, fairytale castles, wild coastline, warm beaches and mouthwatering food.. Portugal has it all.  Visit Porto, Lisbon, and  Sintra. Hike along the famed Fisherman’s Trail, and relax on southern beaches. Toast it all with a glass of Vino Verde.