Travel Insurance


Protection ~ Peace of Mind

Meaningful Trips recommends the purchase of Travel Insurance to  help protect you, your travel investment and to give you peace of mind.  Seek coverage that covers both trip cancellation and emergency medical coverage.


Meaningful Trips sees World Nomads and Allianz as trusted leaders in Travel Insurance covering trip essentials and the unexpected, such as trip delay, trip cancellation, lost baggage, overseas medical, emergency evacuation and a range of adventure sports and activities.  Read and research below.

What To Look For In A Travel Insurance Provider

  • Backed by trusted underwriters and specialist travel insurers

  • 24-hour emergency assistance

  • 24/7 support and exceptional customer service

  • Covers a wide range of adventure sports and activities

  • Ease and flexibility

  • Keeps you informed and traveling safely with travel safety alerts, advice and tips

*DISCLAIMER: Information provided here about travel insurance is a brief summary only. Speak to your travel insurance provider about all terms, conditions, limitations, exclusion, and termination provisions of your specific travel insurance plan. Coverage may not be available for residents of all countries, states, provinces.