Responsible Travel

We care about you.,our circle of family & friends.,those we connect with around the world.,our gorgeous planet.

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Meaningful Trips Key Principles of Responsible Tourism

  • Learn about a destination, its customs, and traditions.
  • Open your mind to other peoples, cultures, and ways.
  • Respect Human Rights.
  • Preserve natural environments, wildlife, and habitats.
  • Carry a reusable grocery bag and refillable water bottle.
  • Buy local handicrafts and products.
  • Stay clear of activities that exploit animals.
  • Do not purchase products made from animals or plants.
  • Use locally owned hotels and transportation where possible.
  • Do not engage in sexual exploitation or illegal drug use.
  • Upon returning home, seek ways you can support causes and communities in the places you have visited, as well as causes closer to home that are near and dear to you.

Plus, we will:

  • Use in-country tour partners and guides.
  • Ensure that tour partners support female employment and fair wages.
  • Ensure no-tolerance policy against sexual exploitation and illegal drug use.
  • Ensure no exploitation of animals.
  • Support local community organizations we visit.
  • Educate travelers, in-country partners, and tour guides on our ethos of Responsible Travel.
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Our Important Policies

No Hate, No Violence Policy

Meaningful Trips does not tolerate any form of violence, hate speech, sexual harassment, or discrimination between customers or involving our leaders, partners or local people.


No Drug Policy

Meaningful Trips does not tolerate any illegal drugs on any trips. Possessing or using drugs is not only illegal but also puts the rest of the group at risk. Our guides have the right to expel any member of the group if drugs are found in their possession. Smoking marijuana (even if it is legal in your home state) is not acceptable on any trips.


Policy Against Sexual Exploitation

Sex trafficking and exploitation are abominations and exist in all corners of the world, including ‘our’ world of travel and tourism. Meaningful Trips repudiates all sexual exploitation. Meaningful Trips does not tolerate patronizing prostitutes or sex workers on our trips.  Meaningful Trips joined the fight against trafficking by signing ECPAT’s Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism. “The Code” is an industry-driven responsible tourism initiative with a mission to provide awareness, tools, and support to the tourism industry, in order to prevent the sexual exploitation of children.  Our actions include the creation of this policy, elaboration of procedures, appropriate training of all staff, keeping travelers informed, reporting of possible cases to local authorities, and submission of reports to The Code Organization.  Be aware. Be involved.


Responsible Drinking Policy

If you choose to consume alcohol while traveling, you must drink responsibly, and abide by the local laws regarding alcohol consumption. Our guides have the right to expel any member of the group for excessive drunkenness or misbehavior.


Responsible Smoking Policy

If you must smoke, please always be courteous of others; ask if anyone is allergic or bothered; and smoke away from the group. Smoking is never allowed inside hotel rooms.


By traveling with us you are agreeing to adhere to these rules and policies. Your group leader has the right to remove any member of the group for breaking any of these rules, with no right of refund.


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