Something’s Fishy! – My Favorite Seafood Dishes Around the World

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Boney, stinky, slimy, scaly…

Grilled, breaded, filleted, steamed… 

Joe Staiano here, Founder of Meaningful Trips.  When I sit and reflect on my favorite travel foods in my round-the-world travels, there is an obvious grouping… Seafood! Wanted to share some of my personal favorite fish and seafood dishes I’ve had while traveling. 

Here’s my countdown:

#3:  AMEIJOAS a BULHAO PATO, Portugal.


While in coastal Nazare, we poked our head into Casa O ‘Santo, definitely more of a local pub more so than fancy restaurant. Local men stood at the bar. We were greeted and ushered to a plain wooden table. There is only ONE thing served on the menu… Ameijoas. So we ordered the Ameijoas a Bulhao Pato, a classic dish of coastal Portugal. In no time at all, we were brought a giant bowl of fresh steam clams bathing in a sauce of butter, garlic and lemon.  Utensils? Ha!  We used our hands. Well, we were given one utensil.. bread!   As heavenly as the clams were, sopping up the sauce with bread was my favorite. In the end, our table was a bowl of empty clam shells and dozens of used napkins. Oh yeah, and two empty wine glasses.  The clams and wine came to about $10 total.     


under the Galata Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey

Galata Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey
Balik-ekmek, fish sandwich
Istanbul is truly one of the most remarkable cities in the world.  Every time I make it Istanbul Turkey I always make it a point to head to the Galata Bridge, spanning the Bosphorus, to get Balik Ekmek. Its as simple as you can get… fresh-grilled mackerel, topped with shredded onion slaw, served on a fresh baguette. Locals typically choose pickle juice to accompany it, me, I’m fine with generous squirts of lemon juice.


#1:  PULPO A  LA GALLEGA, Galicia, Spain

This is a traditional dish from Galicia in the north of Spain. Pulpo is octopus and the dish consists of grilled octopus served with sliced cooked potatoes, smoked paprika and olive oil.  I had this dish twice while bicycling along the Camino de Santiago.  Its Heaven-on-a-plate!  When I am sitting on a bumpy bus or long train ride with other travelers, or meeting anyone from Spain… THIS is the dish I mention as my favorite dish in all my world-travels.

If You do Eat Seafood,

Make Sure its Sustainable!

Check out:  Seafood WATCH

Helping people make better seafood choices for a healthy ocean.  Check out their consumer guide which highlights ‘Best Choices’ and which fish to ‘Avoid’.

And download their helpful phone app.

Seafood WATCH
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Due to COVID-19, all 2020 tours were cancelled. We remain hopeful for a return to responsible adventure travel in 2021. Until then…

Be Healthy  

Be Kind

Dream Now 

Travel Later


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